Relaciones Globales

Chart 1 – Achievements: 2009 and 2010

Chart 1 shows the increase in the number of results achieved by our allies in 2010 with support from AVINA. Each “achievement” is a concrete change that benefits Latin America, and we rank these from 1 to 3, according to relative impact. Those achievements that benefit more than one million people and in which AVINA’s contribution was significant, have a ranking of 1. Overall, we went from 62 achievements in 2009 to 101 in 2010, with 12 “Rank 1” achievements.


Chart 2 – 2010 Achievements: Results vs. Goals

Chart 2 shows institutional performance compared to our goals for 2010. We were quite near our targets for achievements ranked 1 and 2. It is especially worth noting the high number of “process milestones.” These represent important developments in different change processes, although they have not yet produced concrete and verifiable changes. Our experience tells us that these advances in the processes of today can lead to real outcomes within two or three years, and therefore the large volume indicates a strong investment in future impact over the medium term.


Chart 3 – Mobilization of Resources in Latin America

Indicators 2010 Results 2010 Goals
AVINA’s social investment USD 12.2 millon USD 13.7 millon
Mobilization of third parties USD 24.3 millon USD 22.0 millon
Total mobilized USD 36.5 millon USD 35.7 millon

Chart 3 shows that our total social investment in 2010 was USD 12.2 million, 10% below projections. Part of this difference is due to payments scheduled for the last quarter of 2010 that were delayed until the first quarter of 2011. On the other hand, we exceeded our goal with respect to the mobilization of resources of third parties toward our allies and the causes we support. AVINA considers this part of its role: to promote international alliances in order to strengthen high-impact initiatives in Latin America. If we add AVINA’s own social investment and the third-party financing, the total we mobilized directly or indirectly for AVINA’s allies reached USD 36.5 million in 2010, thereby surpassing our target of USD 35.7 million.


Chart 4 - Administration

Indicators 2010 Results 2010 Goal 2009 Results
% Administration 19.4% 20% 22.4%

AVINA understands that solid management is critical to its work. We invest in a high-performance team, rigorous standards of accountability and transparency, as well as professional operational capacity in thirteen Latin American countries. At the same time, we seek to be as efficient as possible in our administration in order to direct as many resources as possible toward program management and social investments focused on impact. Therefore, we were pleased to surpass our target in reducing administration as a percentage of our overall expenditure.