Relaciones Globales

Thanks to globalization, the human and environmental interdependence that exists in today’s world is unprecedented. Only with a global perspective and international coalitions can Latin America make progress toward becoming a more prosperous, sustainable and inclusive region. That is why AVINA has developed a Global Relations strategy that seeks to link its Latin American allies with international networks and institutions.


These links strengthen AVINA’s continental initiatives by enhancing:

  • Global visibility and positioning
  • Exchange of knowledge and global perspectives
  • Mobilization of financial and non-financial resources
  • Construction of international social capital
  • Development of global networking capabilities
  • Efficiency and effectiveness in achieving goals


AVINA’s global relations strategy led to some significant partnerships and important activities in 2010 that involved a wide range of global partners. Some of these included:

AVINA and allies mobilize around the COP16 and the Framework Convention on Climate Change
As an opportunity to boost the global positioning of its allies and increase their influence at global forums, AVINA joined with other institutions to organize a series of events around the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 16) in Cancún.


One such event, the AVINA III Global Workshop, focused on “Mobilizing Alliances for Rio+20 and Beyond.” The purpose was to encourage alignment and new alliances among political, business and citizen leaders toward a shared action agenda at the twentieth anniversary of the Rio Summit in 2012.


Led by a group of Latin American leaders that included Fabio Feldmann, Yolanda Kakabadse, Leonardo Boff and Manuel Rodríguez Becerra, as well as other international figures, the workshop was attended by more than 100 participants from North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America. The group converged on the need to establish a common position in preparation for the Rio summit so as to better promote concrete action to safeguard the planet’s environmental limits and include more people in the benefits of development.


‘Whence and Whither’ program makes a successful ‘Learning Journey’ to the Amazon
As part of the Tällberg Foundation’s project “Whence and Whither – Into Uncharted Waters,” AVINA partnered with various international organizations to lead an Amazon Learning Journey in the region of Ecuador. International participants included the Swedish state secretary for Energy, the British leader of the Iwokrama International Centre for Rainforest Conservation and Development in Guyana and the director of the Stockholm Resilience Centre among others. The visit to the Ecuadorian Amazon was aimed to analyze and visualize innovative proposals, both global and local, such as the Yasuni-ITT Initiative. This initiative, which seeks compensatory royalties in order to avoid the exploitation of oil reserves under the forest, was presented by Yolanda Kakabadse, president of WWF International. It is expected that the proposals shared during this journey will form part of the final recommendations in a case study to be presented at different global forums in 2011.


AVINA Americas: Platform strengthens Latin America alliances
Two years after its founding, AVINA Americas has established itself as a vital bridge between new allies in North America and key allies in Latin America. As such, AVINA Americas seeks to multiply the exchange of knowledge, technology and resources between the two regions. For its part, Fundación AVINA acts as an advisor, fellow investor and deal broker in the field, leveraging its resources and local presence in thirteen Latin American countries and its relationships with thousands of key partners to promote national and regional strategies. In 2010, thanks to a growing portfolio of global alliances, AVINA Americas invested about USD 3 million towards shared strategies in the Amazon, Sustainable Recycling and Sustainable Cities, while increasing the resources Fundación AVINA makes available for these initiatives.


The Latin America Donor Index becomes a reference on philanthropy in the region
The Latin America Donor Index, an online database organizing information concerning donations to Latin America and the Caribbean, continues to grow as a reference for philanthropy in Latin America. The donor index is an initiative of Fundación AVINA with support from the Inter-American Development Bank. Its goal is to advance the field of philanthropy in Latin America thereby helping nonprofit organizations to find partners and helping philanthropic organizations to coordinate better with their peers who are working on similar issues or in the same geographical area. The donor index is the first project of its kind that focuses exclusively on Latin America and allows free and unrestricted access to its contents.


Fundación AVINA’s Knowledge Management service has coordinated two parallel and independent studies to ensure the integrity of the data contained in the index while generating new information on the subject. In 2010, AVINA published the two studies. The first, “Donors to civil society in Latin American - Update 2010” is a comparison of the leading social investors in the region during the past five years. The second, “Major trends in philanthropy in Latin America,” ​​analyzes the quantity and type of grants in the region according to a number of relevant indicators. Both documents are available on the website www.lacdonors.org.