Mensaje del Presidente

In 2010, AVINA contributed to 101 results that promoted sustainable development in Latin America. These results represent concrete changes that occurred due in part to the work of our allies and their networks with the support of AVINA and others. There was a 63% increase in these achievements compared to 2009.


Twelve of the achievements recorded were changes that affected more than one million Latin Americans. Eight represented major changes in public policies in countries like Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Nicaragua and Uruguay. Others included the creation of two large areas of conservation, a technological innovation and a replication at scale of a successful educational model.


AVINA responded to the February 27 earthquake and tsunami in Chile with the formation of a coalition including seven civilian organizations, the Chilean business sector and the United Nations International Organization for Migration. In a period of six months, the coalition coordinated activities with local governments and communities to complete the construction of 1,474 temporary housing units, creating jobs in twelve affected municipalities and stimulating the local economy in the affected areas.


AVINA prioritized five continental initiatives representing opportunities to achieve significant impact across Latin America. Our teams for the Amazonian Biome Strategy, Sustainable Recycling, Sustainable Cities, Access to Water and Inclusive Markets expanded their ally networks to eighteen countries within the region in close collaboration with hundreds of national, regional and global organizations.


In absolute terms AVINA decreased its operating costs (both administrative and programmatic) by USD 2.2 million in 2010. At the same time we strengthened our decentralized local presence in thirteen countries in the region.


AVINA sought to showcase the actions of its Latin American allies in global events like the Global Philanthropy Forum in San Francisco, the Skoll World Forum in Oxford, Tällberg Forum in Sweden and COP 16 in Cancún. These and many other promotional activities helped to direct USD 24.3 million from other funding organizations to our allies in the region.


AVINA made social investments of USD 12.2 million, supporting 674 new initiatives led by its Latin American allies and their organizations. When we add up the total volume of resources mobilized for our allies in the region, through AVINA’s direct or indirect action, the total for 2010 reached USD 36.5 million.


To support the action of allies in Latin America, Fundación AVINA and AVINA Americas formed co-investment alliances with the International Organization for Migration of the UN, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation , Coca-Cola Foundation, the Inter-American Development Bank, Climate and Land Use Alliance (CLUA), Skoll Foundation, Coca-Cola Brazil, the Inter-ecclesiastic Organization for the Dutch Development Cooperation (ICCO), PepsiCo, Fundación Trabajo y Desarrollo Humano (Labor and Human Development Foundation), and the Consortium of Agencies on Climate Change.


Ninety-seven percent of AVINA’s 105 team members participated in its annual internal employee satisfaction survey. AVINA obtained an overall average of 83 out of a possible 100, when the market average is 76. Grupo Dando, the Costa Rican company that conducted the anonymous survey, considers any result above 80 very satisfactory.